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    Pet dog In the hot summer, the dog’s appetite may not be good, and all aspects of diet can not get good nutrition. It is easy to damage the body condition under the change of temperature, so it should be given easily digested food, and gradually increase its body strength. When the temperature is cool in the past in summer, the dog’s appetite will increase.

    1. To increase the amount of exercise. For dogs, when summer comes and autumn comes, they tend to have more spirit, appetite and physical strength. So the host should take it for a walk every day and increase the amount of exercise.

    2. The finishing of body hair. In the hot summer and the sun, especially in the early autumn, it’s easier to depilate the dog hair, which often lacks luster or produces scurf. So it’s better to choose a brush suitable for big hair washing to promote metabolism.

    3. Cold. In the autumn with severe climate change, it is easy to be confused. Therefore, after bathing, special attention must be paid, especially for puppies, old dogs and indoor dogs, which must be dried thoroughly and kept warm to prevent confusion. In addition, this period is also prone to canine distemper, its initial symptoms and cold similar should not be taken lightly.

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