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    Because of the rapid growth, large amount of exercise and more nutritional needs than small and medium-sized dogs, it is generally recommended to supplement calcium properly to meet the growth needs. But how should large dogs get calcium? What kind of calcium can be absorbed by large dogs?

    1. Diet addition: It is recommended to add some calcium rich foods to the dog’s normal diet, such as shrimp skin, bean products, fish meat, etc., which are rich in calcium, safe, effective, and can be better absorbed by the dog.

    2. Calcium supplement products: If dogs usually eat less calcium containing food, it is recommended to eat some calcium supplement products, such as calcium tablets, calcium powder and other calcium supplement products. Generally speaking, the price of calcium tablets is lower than that of calcium powder, and the effect of calcium supplement is good. It is OK to feed dogs in pieces. But if the dog doesn’t eat, it’s better to buy calcium powder for the dog. When the dog eats, sprinkle the calcium powder on the food.

    3. Dairy products: Dairy products are rich in calcium. It is suggested that the dairy products mentioned here should be goat milk products. One is that goat’s milk has higher nutritional value, and the other is that goat’s milk is more suitable for dogs and will not cause diarrhea like milk. It is recommended to give the dog a drink every day. Help dog to replenish calcium.

    4. Do more outdoor sports and sun: Solar energy helps dogs absorb calcium. At ordinary times, it is recommended that pets and friends take more outdoor sports with dogs. When they are in touch with dogs, they can also help dogs absorb calcium and improve their immunity. It can be said that there are more than one stroke. In the end, it is suggested that the dog should be properly supplemented with vitamin D. vitamin D can help the absorption of calcium. In the absence of vitamin D, even more calcium can not be absorbed well. Vitamin D can also inhibit the excretion of calcium and promote the decalcification of old bone.

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