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    Dogs, like humans, are more vulnerable to disease in their lives. Dogs can’t talk, so it’s impossible to tell us that they are sick and uncomfortable now, so it requires us to pay more attention to the changes in dog behavior in our daily life to determine whether the dogs are sick. How to see if the dog is healthy?

    Generally, the normal temperature of dogs is slightly higher than that of humans, about 38.5 degrees, and the temperature of puppies is higher. So many diseases may cause fever, but the most common is due to virus or bacterial infection. If your dog has a fever, you can control it effectively by yourself, but you should also consult the veterinarian in time to find out the real cause of the fever with his help.

    If a dog has diarrhea, it is suffering from gastrointestinal disease. Diarrhea can also be a symptom of some other disease. Occasionally, food problems can also cause vomiting and diarrhea of dogs. The first thing a dog gets sick is that he doesn’t want to eat, or barely eats something, which can also cause vomiting and diarrhea. If the dog’s mental state is good, it means that the illness is not very serious. You can give the dog probiotics for conditioning, and then observe the dog’s state.

    But if the dog’s condition does not improve, but becomes more and more serious, it should be sent to the hospital in time, so as not to delay the dog’s condition, to follow the doctor’s advice, not to feed the dog casually. When the dog’s condition improves, ask the pet doctor if he can feed something and what he can probably eat. When the body is almost recovered, you can give the dog some nutrition cream to supplement the body.

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