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    How to choose a purebred golden retriever?
    Generally speaking, we can distinguish a purebred golden retriever by the following characteristics.
    1. Mouth. The shorter and coarser the Golden Retriever is, the better. The adult dog is square, but not long and not sharp.
    2. Hair color. The pure golden retriever puppy’s hair color is really golden yellow, and the luster is very good. It doesn’t feel very rough and hard.
    3. Forehead. The forehead is open and flat, with pure eyes.
    4. Eyes. When a pure breed of golden adult dog looks straight ahead, it should not show white eyes.
    5. Claws. It’s natural to fold in, not spread out.
    6. Tail. When choosing a golden retriever baby, when the tail of pure golden hair is standing still, it must be inclined and drooping.

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