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    For Rottweiler, a large breed of dogs, to maintain their physical strength, they need to eat. If they are anorexic, most of them are due to physical reasons. If they are sick, they should be sent to the hospital as soon as possible. But if it’s not because of illness, how can we solve the problem of anorexia in Rottweiler? We offer two ways to solve this problem.

    1. Starve your Rottweiler dog for 24 hours. During the period of food cessation, sufficient drinking water is given. Generally, appetite can be restored the next day. In order to ensure its strong appetite, it can stop eating one day a week.

    2. Strengthen physical training and increase the amount of exercise of dogs. Generally, small dogs only need to prepare more toys at home, such as dog biting glue and pulling rope for their play and exercise. Usually, more playing with their running and jumping can meet their exercise volume. In particular, large dogs like Rottweiler, whose ancestors were hunting for a living, have been used to strenuous exercise and run at least 5-10 kilometers a day.

    If you want to know how to solve Rottweiler’s anorexia, you must first understand the cause of its anorexia. If you exclude the cause of illness, you can solve it according to the above two methods. Only by ensuring the normal diet, can you guarantee their physical health.

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