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    Dogs don’t want to eat dog food. It may be that the dog food doesn’t meet the dog’s taste. In many people’s impression, dogs don’t refuse the food they come from, but in fact, they rarely refuse the food given by others. But because of this, the dog’s mouth may become more and more critical. The demand for food is also higher and higher, so as to develop the situation of picky and partial eating. But the more that happens to many owners, the more they want to find their dogs what they like to eat, which leads to a vicious circle.

    1. Do not want to change food. Feeding a dog food for a long time will inevitably be a little single, so after feeding a dog food for a long time, you can change a dog food to feed the dog. But some dogs may not want to change food. There are different reasons for this problem, some of which are that the new dog food does not meet the dog’s taste. Some are not yet fully adapted. Changing food for dogs can’t be done overnight. It’s necessary to change food slowly. Give dogs a period of time to adapt. Changing food all at once may cause intestinal discomfort, diarrhea and vomiting.
    2. If the dog does not want to eat new dog food, try to sprinkle some meat foam on the dog food, or sprinkle some glucose powder to improve the taste. It is also one of the common dietary problems for dogs to choose too much food from their mouths. First of all, we should exclude that dogs are not reluctant to eat because of diseases. If dogs always don’t eat dog food, then the owner should not try to give them other food, which will only make them more reluctant to touch dog food. First of all, let them starve for a while. When they are hungry, they will eat naturally. Or add some ingredients to dog food to improve the taste of dog food, and then slowly cancel the auxiliary food. A dog who is too picky about food must be ruthless to be good to the dog. Prepare the dog food and put it there. He will take it off half an hour without eating, and then take it out at the next feeding time. Control the dog’s diet and don’t eat too much.
    3. Don’t feed small bones. Some owners will throw the bones they usually eat to the dog, and the dog is also eating happily over there. When the owner sees this phenomenon, he naturally thinks that the dog likes eating bones. Bones, which can’t be digested in two or three days, will only cause the dog’s food disorder in the next few days. Chicken bones are definitely not edible, because they are sharp and thin, easy to scratch the dog’s intestines, and there is a risk of being stuck in the dog’s throat. Healthy diet doesn’t need to give the dog bones. If you mess up the diet, you won’t get much nutrition. Moreover, most of the nutrients in the bone soup you boil are in the soup. So it’s OK to feed the dog some bone soup at ordinary times, but it’s better to put out a little alone, and it’s better not to put too much salt. Of course, if dogs like to chew bones, they can be fed with larger pig bones, which can not only make dogs grind their teeth, but also avoid the potential risks of being stuck in the throat.
    4. Eating too much. Most dogs are a bit “greedy”, so as long as they are fed, they will not refuse, so it is not very recommended to put a large amount of dog food beside the dog and let them starve to eat by themselves. This can easily lead to the dog eating too much, resulting in indigestion. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt the principle of eating less and eating more.

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