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    In the summer, more owners would like to bathe their dogs, because they don’t have to worry about catching cold in the hot weather. After taking a bath, it involves blowing hair. However, some dogs refuse to dry their hair as soon as they see or hear the sound of the hair dryer. But if it is easy to get skin diseases without drying the hair, then how to solve the fear of hair dryer is a must. It’s normal for dogs to be scared when they first touch the hair dryer. Hearing the sound of the hair dryer and the hot wind attacking them will make them feel threatened by the hair dryer, so they will be nervous, scared, scurrying around and even scream. So how to solve the problem that dogs are afraid of hairdryer? It will take a certain time.

    First of all, let them know that hairdryer is harmless to them. When the dog is young, he can start to use a hair dryer. Of course, when he starts to use it, he must use a small wind and the temperature should not be too high. He can feel warm. Reduce the stimulation of the hair dryer on the dog, slowly let the pet dog understand that the hair dryer will not hurt it, and it is comfortable to dry the hair on the body after the bath. Slowly the dog can accept the hair dryer, and when it grows up, it will form a habit that will not be so afraid of the hair dryer.

    The way to solve the problem is to reassure dogs that the hair dryer will not hurt them. Try to get them used to the sound of the hair dryer as early as possible. When they hear the sound and know that there is no harm, they will not be restless.

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