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    Dogs, like people, will not eat because of environmental, psychological changes, diseases and other reasons, so when you find that dogs do not eat, you should carefully observe their behavior and understand the reasons for dogs not to eat, so as to solve the problem of dogs not to eat.

    1. The reason why dogs don’t eat. Does the dog lie on the ground and don’t want to move? It’s also very important to check whether the dog has a runny nose, a cold or illness. If it is caused by picky food, you can consider this reason if you have given it something that people have eaten before. If it is caused by parasites, if it has been eaten well before, it is inexplicable that the appetite is poor, and there is a case of coarse hair or emaciation on the back, so the possibility of parasites is very high. Dogs that often eat raw and cold meat are particularly prone to parasites. It is recommended to regularly deworming to prevent them. Anorexia caused by some diseases in the body, most diseases, including infectious diseases, will lead to less and less food, and then slowly eat nothing. In this case, there are some other symptoms, which depends on the situation. If it is serious, you need to go to the hospital for infusion.

    2. The solution for dogs not to eat. If it’s a female dog, observe whether it’s the dog’s oestrus period. Just stick to it for a few days and it’s over. Increase the amount of exercise for dogs, exercise their physical fitness small dogs can provide some toys at home for their play and exercise, large dogs need to often go to outdoor activities, such as walking the dog, not only can improve the appetite of the dog, but also reduce the weight of the dog. Let them run at least 5-10km every day, walking the dog is a good way. In hot weather, the dog’s gastrointestinal peristalsis is slow and the appetite is poor. This is a normal situation, can be appropriate to let dogs drink some Gudeng probiotics conditioning stomach. First, observe whether the dog is sick. If the dog does not eat for a long time, it may get “small”, “canine distemper” and other diseases. Dogs have other symptoms besides not eating.

    Please do not take medicine without permission and take dogs to see a doctor as soon as possible. Feeding food does not meet the dog’s taste. You can properly feed the dog some snacks. The monotonous dog food will also make the dog have no appetite. Adding some chicken breast or beef in the dog food is a good way, but remember not to make the dog addicted. When the owner finds out that the dog does not eat, he must not let it go. If the dog does not eat due to a certain disease, and the owner fails to find out in time, the consequences are unimaginable, so when the dog does not eat, find out the reasons, so as to solve the problem that the dog does not like to eat.

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