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    In summer, all kinds of flying animals come out to disturb human beings and pets, such as flies, parasites, mosquitoes, etc. when people are bitten by mosquitoes, they will unconsciously pat them, but when dogs are bitten by mosquitoes, they have no way to start. If dogs live outside, it will be even worse. So, how to solve the problem of dogs being bitten by mosquitoes?

    The general pet dog has the ability to resist mosquitoes, even after being bitten by many mosquitoes, it will not have serious problems. It is best to support a mosquito net for dogs in summer when there are many mosquitoes, so as to prevent them from biting dogs. However, in summer, there will be many parasites on dogs, and the newly born dogs will be brought from the bitch. The owners of the dogs should also find a solution.

    Another friend suggested using a collar to prevent insects and repel mosquitoes. She said that her dog had worn it before. Since then, there has been no mosquito bite on it. The effect is very good. There are many places to sell this collar. You can choose from Taobao or pet shop. For the dog to use drugs to drive away mosquitoes, but even if the dog itself will be allergic or cause certain harm, it is recommended not to use drugs rashly. It is better to consult the veterinarian to see which method is more professional, scientific and effective.

    The above are very practical methods, hope to help the pet. This reminds the owners of dogs that it is best to keep their dogs clean and clean in hot summer, wash and brush their teeth frequently, and clean their kennels regularly, so as to fundamentally eliminate mosquito bites and ensure their dogs’ health. Mosquito saliva can cause allergies to dogs and people. Some desensitizing, antipruritic and anti-inflammatory ointment can be prepared at home.

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