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    The owner of Pomeranian dogs may find that they have bad breath in the process of close contact with their own Pomeranian dogs. To solve the problem, the owner must first understand what causes the bad breath of Pomeranian dogs, and then “take the right medicine” according to the actual situation of the dogs.

    1. Halitosis caused by oral problems. Periodontitis and other oral diseases will cause the dog halitosis. If the dog has halitosis due to these reasons, the owner should take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment immediately. In fact, as long as the prevention work is done well, the owner can keep the dog away from these oral diseases, for example, you can brush the dog’s teeth regularly or provide a tooth cleaner. (Note: Periodontitis will not only bring bad breath to dogs, but also cause other diseases to dogs. The owner needs to pay attention.) Of course, sometimes the dog’s bad breath may be caused by the food residue in the dog’s mouth that is not removed in time. The owner can avoid this situation by doing a good job of cleaning the dog’s mouth.

    2. Halitosis caused by other diseases. Digestive tract diseases, respiratory diseases, etc. can also cause dog halitosis. To solve the problem of dog halitosis caused by these diseases, the owner should first solve the problem of dog’s illness. When the dog recovers to health, their halitosis will disappear. In fact, scientific pet keeping can reduce the probability of dog’s disease as much as possible. For example, in order to keep the dog away from digestive tract disease, the owner should do a good job of feeding the dog in daily life to avoid irregular feeding or wrong feeding.

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