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    The word “dog’s anal gland” is very strange to many new pet owners. It’s also often heard that their dogs like to rub their buttocks. The owner is also embarrassed and inconceivable when encountering this strange phenomenon, but he is helpless. So I will teach you how to squeeze the anal gland.

    Do this before bathing your dog every time: pay attention to your head and don’t get too close to the anal gland.
    First, turn the dog’s tail up to make the anus protrude.
    Second, place the finger on the dog’s anus at 4.8 o’clock to squeeze. Some dogs will spit out the yellow brown strange smelly East, some dogs only have a little East, extremely smelly! Dogs that often eat meat need to be squeezed!!

    In fact, it is very important for dogs to squeeze and clean their anal glands regularly, not only to eliminate the body odor. If the dog’s anal gland is not often squeezed, it can also cause anal adenitis.

    Technique must pay attention to: from inside to outside, from light to heavy. Remember, when squeezing, it’s best to cover your anus with tissue paper or cotton so as to avoid splashing smelly water on your body.

    If the glands have been blocked for some time, the secretions will be squeezed out like Ivory paste, rather than gushing out. Usually, they can flow out only by gently squeezing them. If the dog’s anal gland is not easy to squeeze, another way is needed, that is, place the index finger and thumb slightly behind the gland, and gently squeeze upward and outward.

    The normal secretion is light yellow brown, with the concentration ranging from water sample to paste, and accompanied by odor. If there is pus blood in the secretion, it means that it has been infected. See a doctor as soon as possible. If you can feel the accumulation, but can’t squeeze it out, it means that the anal gland has been blocked. You must deal with it as soon as possible and get medical attention. Otherwise, it will swell.

    In this case, the dog will lick his anus and miso on the ground. If it is serious, it will hurt. Because of the pain, the dog will run or chase the tail or lick or bite the root of the tail continuously, and finally it will develop abscess. At this time, the dog shows listlessness, refuses to eat or is constipated.

    Regular inspection of the anal fluid sac, how long to clean depends on the frequency of each dog’s accumulation, some once a month, some two or three months will not have accumulation, and some do not need to clean at all. Small dogs are more likely to block than large dogs, probably because they eat more soft food than large dogs, resulting in harder substances.

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