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    Learn to distinguish fighting and brawling because there are more and more pet owners, so when walking the dog, you will surely meet other owners of the dog. When dogs are together, they threaten to fight with each other. If the two owners can’t deal with it calmly, it will eventually turn into a farce between the owners. So we should first learn how to stop dogs fighting with each other.
    1. Understand the difference between fighting. Observe the dog’s body. When the dog is fighting, it will also bite and roar, but the action will not be too big. If we don’t understand the way dogs fight, we may mistake them for fighting. The key is to look at the dog’s body. If it looks relaxed and relaxed, and wags its tail, it may be fighting. And if the dog’s body appears straight and stiff, and the tail is drooping, then most of them are fighting. Also see if the dogs are equally interested. In some cases, one dog thinks it’s a game, but the other doesn’t. If this is the case, even if your dog is not malicious, you have to stop them from fighting. Pay close attention to the behavior and performance of the two dogs in the scuffle. Even if both dogs seem to enjoy it, sometimes it’s too rough to fight. Going to a dog park with other dogs is a great way to avoid fighting, and to make your dog play with dogs who are also interested in fighting. Stop it if you think it’s too much. If your dog appears angry, but hasn’t fought completely, call him to you in time to stop the fight. At this time, the leash is very important. It can help us separate the two dogs.
    2. Stop fighting.
    Don’t catch any dog’s collar. When the dog really fights, if you grasp the collar, it is likely to be bitten. Dogs instinctively bite back, even if it has never been aggressive before. If the dog’s body is stiff, don’t risk reaching for it when fighting, not fighting.
    Separate the two dogs with obstacles. Find something that can be put between two dogs and separate them. A large piece of cardboard, plywood, bin lid, and a large stick can be used to separate dogs without putting your hands in a dangerous area.
    Cover the dog with a blanket. Some dogs stop fighting when they can’t see each other. If you have a blanket, tarpaulin, or other opaque covering, try to cover the fighting dogs to calm them down.
    If the two dogs have bitten each other or even do not loosen their mouths, on the premise of ensuring safety, the two people can quickly lift the collar or chest strap handle of the two dogs, the front feet of the dog will be off the ground, and the dog will loosen its mouth in order to breathe. Do not encourage competition. Dogs have a sense of food and toys. Some breeds are more likely to protect their loved ones, while some dogs are more likely to share.

    Learn about your dog’s personality so that you can prevent fighting when another dog comes. When your dog plays with other dogs, take away rewards, food and toys.
    Teach the dog to play politely. Usually we should train dogs to encourage good behavior with positive reinforcement. If the dog is biting, growling or showing other violence, separate it from the dog and hang it aside until it cools down.
    Pay attention to recall training at ordinary times. Make it easier for dogs to be recalled by themselves. In case of conflict, dogs may return to their own side when they hear their own password. However, many dogs are more emotional when fighting, so it’s more reliable to wear good traction rope.

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