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    Dog licking is a way for them to express their friendliness and love you. However, there are a lot of pathogenic bacteria in dog saliva. If dogs lick them often, it will greatly improve the probability of rabies infection. Therefore, we should change the behavior of dog licking people. How to stop dogs licking people at will? Following will introduce some methods.

    To stop the dog licking and kissing at will, you must start from a young age, and try not to let the dog lick and kiss too much in the puppy stage. If the dog licks your face and hands, you should not let the dog continue to lick your face and hands, and gently scold it. But don’t punish him severely, because licking is a sign of obedience. Too severe punishment or blame will make the dog feel overwhelmed and apologize with more licking.

    In addition, when the dog passionately pours into your arms and licks and kisses you crazily, you should first push the dog away, let it calm down, and then touch it. If the dog is determined to continue licking and kissing, it can pull the collar to pull it apart. When the dog stops licking, it can pat the dog’s body and touch it. It can also encourage the dog with praise tone.

    If necessary, it can throw a small toy for it to play, which shows its approval! Dogs licking people at will should be corrected from an early age, otherwise the owner may be infected with the disease due to the behavior of dogs.

    Although dogs may feel a little lost because we refuse them, they are all for their own health, and after a period of time, dogs will gradually adapt.

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