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    Dog is a kind of animal that needs to be cared for. Some dogs usually do something to attract their owners’ attention because their owners are not at home for a long time, such as barking, biting and turning over the garbage can. Often they will tear up the garbage bag and spill it all over the house. If there is such a situation, try to give them more care. But if they just think it’s fun, we need to find a way to stop the dog from turning over the garbage can. So how to stop the dog from turning over the garbage can?

    You can stare at your dog, once found that it is close to the garbage can loudly scold it, let it take the initiative to leave. If it doesn’t leave, hit it hard when it bites the garbage. It’s better to hit it with moderate strength. Don’t hit it to death with enough riveting force, otherwise it will cause anxiety and may bite people. At the same time, yell loudly to make it realize that it is wrong to do so. You can spray some air freshener, or apply some aeolian essence and cool oil on the edge of the garbage can, but do not spray toxic insecticides or disinfectants. Or put the garbage can out of his reach.

    The dog is always curious. When there is no one at home, he can be distracted by toys or dog glue. If they just want to pay more attention to the garbage can, then we can take some more time to accompany them and play games with them, so that they will not have too much loneliness. But if it’s just for fun, it’s necessary to stop and blame them in time, so that they know they can’t do it again, or there may be very severe punishment.

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