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    It is believed that there are not a few people who can wear clothes when they go out and catch cold in winter. Even dogs are easy to get sick in winter. Therefore, the owner must take relevant measures to keep warm and protect the dog. In addition, it is necessary to take some measures to strengthen the dog’s immunity.

    Do some exercise regularly to strengthen the dog’s physique.
    1. The easiest way to walk and run with the owner is to walk with the owner. Of course, we can also let the dog run with us. Although two days a day will not have much effect, long-term exercise can bring great benefits to the dog’s body and prevent the dog’s obesity problem. But for pets with poor health and chronic diseases, pay attention to avoid sudden large amount of exercise.
    2. Playing games with dogs. Many games also have certain exercise effects, such as the frisbee is one of the more suitable games for dogs. This can not only achieve the effect of making the dog play, but also make the dog run from time to time in the process of the game. It is also a kind of game with a large amount of exercise, but it is very good for the dog’s health. It should be noted that when playing frisbee, children should first check the frisbee and the ground to avoid injuries when the dog runs. Note that the air in the South may be damp in winter, so if the weather is good, you can take your dog to go out and turn to the sun, which can not only ensure that the coat is dry, but also kill bacteria.
    3. Clothes for short haired dogs. Not all dogs need to wear clothes, but for small dogs with short coat, they can wear some clothes to keep warm, but the clothes should be cleaned regularly.

    Winter care
    1. Prevent respiratory diseases. Cold weather in winter, so we must pay attention to cold prevention and heat preservation to prevent respiratory diseases of dogs. After exercise, it can cause cold by rain, wind, etc., and it will cause respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia.
    2. Prepare cushions and clothes. Small dogs and puppies have poor cold tolerance, are prone to respiratory diseases, prevent cold and heat preservation and thicken cushions, and pay attention to timely replacement, keep clean and dry (this is very important, some dogs suffer from skin diseases due to dirty and damp cushions), prevent cold wind, cold is the cause of all diseases, and timely treatment is needed to avoid future problems.
    3. Exercise to enhance physical strength. When it’s sunny and warm, it’s necessary to strengthen the dog’s outdoor sports to enhance the dog’s physical fitness, improve the dog’s disease resistance, and reduce the winter prevalence.
    4. Basking in the sun for heating. Let the dog bask in the sun not only for heating, but also for disinfection and sterilization of ultraviolet rays in the sun, and can promote the absorption of calcium, which is conducive to the growth and development of the young dog’s bones and prevent the occurrence of rickets.
    5. Vaccinate in time to prevent infectious diseases. Dogs should be vaccinated in time when they reach the right age. Do not take a bath when the vaccine is not completed, so as to avoid increasing the probability of dogs’ disease. Pay attention to food for the old and infirm dogs. Pay special attention to food digestion, heat preservation and walking time in this season, because a little negligence may cause diseases for them. As for food, some owners may feed some of their own food, but do not throw too cold food directly to the dog for feeding, so as not to cause intestinal discomfort.

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