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    Dogs are different from us. They don’t have much self-care ability when they are sick, especially when they are suffering from major diseases. It’s not easy to take good care of a sick dog, because there are many things we need to pay attention to, so how can we take care of a seriously ill dog? Following will explain some precautions.

    At present, many dog diseases do not have specific drug treatment, so whether your dog can survive, the nursing work is very important. However, for different types of dog diseases, how to care and whether to rescue are different. In some dogs with infectious diseases, there are a lot of bacteria or viruses in their excreta and secretions. These bacteria are not only dangerous to the dogs, but also harmful to human health. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the excreta and secretions of sick dogs in time, and spray disinfectant on the polluted area for disinfection.

    It is necessary to do disinfection, so that the dogs that have begun to improve will lose all their previous achievements due to secondary infection. According to the investigation and research, during the dog’s serious illness, if the owner often accompanies them, their survival probability is much higher than that of the dog who is left in the hospital alone. Because the owner often accompanies them, they have the belief of persisting in living, otherwise they will think that the owner has given up on them, so their survival belief will be much smaller. So if the dog is seriously ill, the owner’s company can give them a lot of encouragement. We should also pay great attention to the environmental health and food problems. Don’t make the dog worse because of eating a bad stomach. The body is getting worse and worse.

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