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    It’s necessary to vaccinate dogs to improve their resistance to some infectious diseases. It’s also necessary for owners to do a lot of preparatory work to vaccinate dogs. The editor will sort out how to take care of your dogs after vaccinating them.

    1. Let the dog rest fully. Some owners still take their dogs out to go to the toilet. It is recommended to go home after going to the toilet. Do not stay outside and avoid contact with other dogs.

    2. Promote appetite. After vaccination, some pets may have poor appetite. In addition to the daily food, the owner can add some cans to cause their appetite, so that they can maintain a normal diet.

    3. No bathing. It is not recommended to take a bath 7 days after the injection, because the bath is easy to catch cold and reduce immunity; it is also easy to cause them tension, otherwise the body is still adapted to the vaccine, and the outside world gives stimulation, which is easy to affect the effectiveness of the vaccine. The general doctor will advise the dog to take a bath before getting vaccinated.

    4. Hot compress mass. Some pets may have a lump due to insufficient subcutaneous massage after injection of the vaccine, and the medicine will be rubbed loose. The owner can help the pet to massage the lump with hot compress. If the lump does not disappear in 2 weeks, please see a doctor for examination as soon as possible.


    How to take care of dogs after vaccination?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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