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    Dog dry eye disease, also known as dog keratoconjunctivitis, can cause dog dry eye disease for various reasons. Dry eye disease generally does not make the eyes blind. In some cases, because the cornea may have ulcers or even perforations, it can eventually lead to retinal degeneration and blindness. So how do we take care of dry eye dogs?

    1. Always clean the excrement and secretions around the eyes. If the dog is diagnosed with dry eye disease, the most difficult problem is how to deal with the eye secretions and how to control the eye infection. It’s very important to keep the eyes clean. Parents can use normal saline to wash the dog’s eyes and wipe off the secretions. Before ordering the ophthalmic medicine, first wash off the eye secretion, and then use the ophthalmic medicine, the effect is better.

    2. For dogs with dry eye disease, parents must strictly follow the prescription of the veterinary ophthalmologist, so as to better control the disease.

    3. Without the consent of the veterinary ophthalmologist, the parents should not use the eye drops without permission.

    Many eye drops which are commonly used and effective in human ophthalmology are not suitable for animals. Long term blind use has side effects on the eyes and will harm the eyes of dogs. There are significant differences in the etiology of dry eye disease and the applicable ophthalmic drugs between humans and animals.

    Advice: Before getting permission from a pet doctor, it’s better not to give dry eye dogs eye drops for human use. Unreasonable use of eye drops, the dog’s condition will be more serious.

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