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    When dogs have seizures, it is a very noteworthy phenomenon that dogs should not be approached easily. Apart from calcium deficiency, most of the seizures are caused by diseases. And the most unsatisfactory one is due to canine distemper. If the dog suffers from canine distemper and has reached the point of convulsion, the cure rate is very low. Of course, in addition to canine distemper, epilepsy is also one of the causes of dog convulsion. It takes a long time to take drugs to control the disease. Most dogs with epilepsy will eat phenobarbital + antiepileptic. Because it’s a prescription drug, it’s not easy to buy if it’s not a regular way. As for the dosage, we need to feed according to the doctor’s advice. After all, the medicine can’t be taken randomly.
    In addition, dogs with epilepsy must be supplemented with calcium, which is very important to stabilize the nerves, and it is said that the side effect of phenobarbital is to cause calcium deficiency. We can also supplement compound VB for it, which has nutritional effect on nerve. In addition to the purpose, we can also record the time, duration, movement, food and climate of the dog’s attack, whether it has ever been particularly excited or scared, and other things that may become exciting. There are even other dog’s special manifestations, of course, the situation of taking medicine, the amount of medicine, the number of times and other related things.
    When the dog’s condition breaks out, the owner should not panic, stay by his side and help him keep his balance. If he can stand, he should not have to lie down, touch him, talk to him gently, and be calm. Your panic will make him more nervous. Epileptic drugs are not urgent. They will work only when they reach a certain concentration in the blood. So it’s not a good thing for them to take a lot of medicine when they attack. If they take too much medicine, they will be poisoned to death. You should ask the doctor about the maximum dosage of your dog.
    Dogs with epilepsy need to supplement calcium at ordinary times. If the dog’s disease is serious, it should be sent to the hospital immediately to relieve pressure on the brain. It is necessary to know which hospital has this condition in advance and open 24 hours a day. Otherwise, it is easy to delay the treatment. For those dogs that have a close relationship between seizures and oestrus, they should be sterilized. However, they can only be sterilized if they do not have seizures for at least 2 months, because there is a risk of anesthesia in epileptic dogs. If you can’t control it for more than two months, I’m afraid you have to avoid contact with the opposite sex as much as possible, causing mood swings. If you find that the onset time of dogs is mostly in the morning, the dosage at night should be greater than that in the morning, and vice versa.
    Some dogs with serious illness may bite themselves when they attack. They should prepare a soft, special top tooth thing. It’s better not to use the top of their hands for big dogs. Dogs with serious illness should not be encouraged to go to high places. If they cannot be avoided, they should be covered with mats around the high places and can be caught if they fall down. Most dogs have some symptoms before attack, for example, some dogs will stick to her before attack, love to fight with another dog.
    Finally, it should be noted that dogs with epilepsy should arrange their diet reasonably as much as possible to ensure the nutrition of the food. Generally, it is OK to feed dog food, do not feed some messy things, keep a relaxed and happy mood, and try to avoid foster care.

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