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    For pregnant female dogs, exercise should be done properly. The pregnancy time of dogs is not the “three cats and four dogs” that we often spread. A female dog does not have such a long pregnancy time. In general, a dog may give birth to a dog in more than 60 days, so don’t be misled by the wrong information. For the sake of the health of the bitch and pup, the owner must do a good job of the related nursing work before and after the dog is pregnant, and do not cause the dog to miscarry because of the wrong feeding.

    1. Antenatal care. First, prepare the delivery room for husky, and generally use a large box. It should be well padded, clean, dry and soft. When Husky is about to give birth, it’s best to clean the dog’s breast regularly, and then dry it to prevent the baby from diarrhea due to unsanitary, which can also play a stimulating role. At the time of labor, the whole body of the dog should be disinfected, especially the buttocks, pubic part and breast. Husky prenatal period of time, to pay attention to diet, increase the content of protein in dog food, to ensure the development of breast and postpartum lactation. Of course, moderation is very important. If the protein content is too high, it will cause too much milk at the early stage of postpartum, too much silk milk, breast inflammation and diarrhea in young dogs. In addition, do not feed husky too dry food, easy to cause postpartum constipation.

    2. During production. In the two or three hours before delivery, because the placenta begins to separate, it often secretes green mucus. The newborn dog is wrapped in the placenta membrane. The big dog will tear up the placenta and eat it. It is said that the nutrition of placenta helps to milk, but if you eat too much, you will get angry and thin. If a big dog doesn’t know how to bite the placenta, it needs help from its owner. It’s better to tear it from the back of the puppy, use dry cotton or towel to pinch the back of the puppy immediately after tearing it, hear the barking of the puppy, and then listen to the breath of the puppy with your ears. If it’s all there, it’s OK. At this time, the umbilical cord is connected to the placenta. It’s better for the big dog to bite off the placenta when eating it, or use the nail cover button to break it. It’s not good to cut the row with the scissors At this time, use the prepared thin thread to tie the umbilical cord about 1 cm away from the belly, and do not be distressed to tie it loose. The reason is very simple. After tying, the umbilical cord will be necrotic and fall off due to the lack of blood circulation for 3-4 days. If tying or not tying, the umbilical cord will grow into inflation and so on. Then use iodine wine to stick cotton to smear the wound, dry the dog and put it in the old man’s wet diaper nest. Lactation work should be done well after childbirth.

    3. Postpartum care should be done well after childbirth. Attention should be paid to let the bitch lick its anus to help it excrete. If the bitch does not lick, it should be induced to lick. If the dog can’t excrete in 1-2 days, it will suffocate. The female dog will become very fierce because of the protection of her puppies after childbirth. The female dog who has just given birth should be kept quiet for a period of time. Strangers should not approach it to avoid the harassment of the female dog, resulting in the nervousness of the female dog and the consequences of biting or swallowing the puppies. The female dog who has just given birth, generally does not eat, may first feed some glucose water, 5-6 hours later supplement some eggs, until 24 hours later officially starts to feed. At this time, it’s best to feed some food with good palatability and easy digestion. In the first few days, they were fed with congee like feed and meat congee with rich nutrition. After a week, they were fed with dry feed gradually. Pay attention to the breastfeeding situation of the female dog. If the puppies are not breastfed, it is necessary to find out whether they are short of milk or sick, and take corresponding measures in time. Don’t force a bitch to breastfeed if she does have less milk. Some husky female dogs are of poor motherhood and are unwilling to take care of their puppies. They must be severely punished and forced to feed their puppies. Some puppies may not have the taste of a bitch so they do not breastfeed. It will help to apply the urine of the bitch to the puppies.

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