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    Many people love it so much that they can buy it home with only one cavity of blood. In the face of the hungry and cute little dog, I was in a panic. What should I do? How to do it? Wait a minute. The questions come one after another. Following will share with you!

    How to take care of new puppies?

    how to take care of the newly purchased puppies?

    1. Take the puppies to the veterinarian for physical examination immediately. The new puppies, especially the puppies bought from the outside, because they have contact with other animals in the market, or the people who want to buy them touch this and that constantly with their hands, spreading the pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, the owner should take the dog to the animal hospital for examination immediately after getting the dog. You can ask the veterinarian to inject some serum to your pup first, and then take the pup home for about 10 days. The pup is strong and adapted to the new environment, and then take it to get vaccinated.

    2. It’s understandable that the happy mood of the puppies just got by closed breeding can be understood, but don’t “show off” them around, and don’t let them contact with other dogs. It’s not too late to take all the vaccines out to play.

    3. Dog food feeding. Dog food is a full price balanced food, which can make dogs grow well, have strong disease resistance and less illness.

    4. Feed the puppies regularly and quantitatively. Let them drink some water, have a little rest, and then start feeding. It is the best to feed 80% of the puppies. Puppies are fed three times a day. Please refer to the instructions on the package. Do not feed snacks, because feeding snacks is not easy to control the amount of food and disturb the law of digestion and absorption of puppies, which is easy to cause indigestion, diarrhea and other diseases.

    5. Don’t take a bath immediately. If the dog’s body is dirty, you can use a towel and warm water to scrub the part; if the whole body is dirty, you should wait a few days for it to recover physical strength and then take a bath. After bathing, wipe off the water with a dry towel as much as possible, then wrap it with a dry towel or blanket, and put it in a warm place to dry naturally. A slightly larger pup can be dried by blowing with a slight hot air. Don’t blow with strong hot air. Pets are prone to injury.

    6. As a child, the immune system is not fully developed and the disease resistance is poor. The purer the puppies are, the worse the immunity is, the harder it is to raise them. Therefore, if any abnormality is found in the puppies, the veterinarian should be asked for treatment in time. The earlier you see the doctor, the greater the hope for a cure. The treatment should not only be timely, but also continuous. Never intermittently, so the puppies can not be cured completely.

    New puppies, in addition to happy, also need responsibility and scientific and reasonable care.

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