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    The most important thing for golden hair to care for old dogs is emotion. It accompanies you for a lifetime, and has deep feelings and attachment for you and your common home. The host should spend more time with your old friend and observe every change carefully. Only in this way, the vulnerable diseases of old dogs can be found in time.

    1. Go out to study and wait: Old dogs should no longer do strenuous sports like the old dogs, such as mountain climbing, running, swimming, etc. daily walking can meet their sports needs. Don’t force it to keep moving. Give it a chance to decide whether to keep moving or to stop and rest.

    2. Joint aging care: After the dog enters the old age, it should use the special calcium supplement medicine for pets to supplement calcium in a proper amount and continuously. This problem should be paid more attention to in medium and large dogs. The old dog’s joints are stiff and aging. If he is found to be limping, he should go to the hospital for examination.

    3. Comb the fur frequently: No matter the long haired dog or the short haired dog, you should always comb the fur. In the process of combing, you can check whether its body is covered with lumps and whether its lymph nodes are swollen, especially the accident prone areas such as armpit and thigh root.

    4. Diet calorie control: For those old dogs who have no obvious disease and less exercise. It is necessary to control the calories of each meal. Protein, minerals, salt and fat should be reduced to be healthy.

    5. Dog food for old dogs: The teeth and internal organs of old dogs have been weakened. For dogs with bad teeth, do not give them too hard dog food. Prepare something easy to digest for the dog. It’s best to prepare special dog food for old dogs.

    6. Seek professional assistance: If the dog can’t bite or has no appetite, the dog food can be soaked in hot water, porridge can or other cooked food can also be used. It’s better to ask the vet for advice. The owner can feed the old dog three or four times a day, so the feeding effect will be better.

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