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    Nowadays, more and more families have pets, and every day there are baby dogs just entering the new family. For some novices, taking care of a puppy is a tough thing, so how to take care of the new puppy?
    The newly bought little suckling dog is cute, lively and active, in the cognitive stage, very sensitive to the external voice, so it is easy to call it by name training at this time, remember not to change the name. When a puppy comes to a new environment, it is easy to get sick. Like many people, when he goes to a new place, he will not accept it. The common reactions are vomiting, laxity, not eating, and mental depression. Many novice friends will run to the hospital desperately when they encounter this situation. Even if the hospital disinfects germs every day, there are still many. Some puppies originally have some slight diseases, but it is found that when they come back to the pet hospital, their condition worsens, which may lead to low immunity and other germs at that time. So my suggestion is to prepare some common antibiotics at home, that is, the anti-inflammatory drugs, canine distemper test paper, and some common drugs such as digestion promoting, diarrhea relieving and cough relieving. With these drugs, some common small problems of dogs can be basically solved by themselves.
    Puppies should have their necessary supplies, dog cages or kennels, dog food for puppies, water dispensers, thermometer tooth grinding stick, tooth cleaning stick and some commonly used drugs mentioned above before they get home. As soon as many friends take the puppy home, they will give him dog food and milk cake. This is not the right way. We should first feed him warm water, and then feed him a small amount of dog food after he feels that everything is normal. A lot of puppies just come to a new home, will have a strong stress response. For example, they are barking all the time at night. At this time, the owner should not scold them for beating them but comfort them. At this time, if the dog food is not suitable, it is easy to cause diarrhea and vomiting.
    As for dog food, there should be a period of adaptation. New dog food should be gradually added to the previous dog food. In a week or so, the dog food can be completely changed into the current dog food. Moreover, it is better to feed the dog food after soaking, and eat less and more. Many friends will ask why my dog has diarrhea after eating the new dog food. The reason for this situation is that replacing the new dog food causes the dog’s gastrointestinal maladjustment, which is easy to cause indigestion. The ingredients and methods of each dog food are different, so the absorption and digestion are also different. When the dog is growing up, nutrition should be fully matched, and some trace elements and vitamins should be properly fed, but do not give it ordinary meals. Unlike us, dogs need a lot of salt for each meal. If the salt is too much, it will not only cause indigestion, but also lead to hair loss and rough and lusterless hair color.
    No matter which season you buy puppies, you must take heat preservation measures. If you can’t take them home, you can take a bath immediately. If the puppies are normal after the adaptation period, you can take a bath with hot water. If the corresponding heat preservation measures are not done well, especially in the cold autumn and winter, the dog will get a cold, sometimes it will cause secondary infection with other diseases, and the disease that was suppressed by the immune system in the healthy body will appear in the case of low immunity. But dogs in summer may also suffer from heatstroke. To provide enough water for dogs to drink, it is often necessary to observe the color of their tongue and whether there is heavy breathing sound. The death rate of heatstroke is close to 100%.

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