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    Dogs are loyal friends of human beings, and keeping dogs can also alleviate negative emotions. A lot of troubles disappear in the moment when you open the door and see the dog rush to you. They are so charming, so how can we take good care of our dogs? Following has sorted out a few points for your reference. How to take good care of dogs and be a qualified parent?

    1. Provide enough nutritious food and clean and sanitary water for their children. Remember to change them frequently and feed them according to the order.
    2. The food and nutrition of dogs in different growth stages are different, so parents must treat them differently, not a dog food from snacks to the old, in addition, parents should not feed too much or too little each time.
    3. Dogs’ kennels and cages need to be cleaned regularly.
    4. Play with the dog more in your spare time and take him out for sports.
    5. To ensure the dog’s health, parents must take him to the hospital for physical examination regularly.
    6. Learn more about dog breeding so that problems can be solved in time.
    7. Clean the dog regularly, bathe him, comb his hair regularly, and repel insects and immunity work in and out of the body regularly.
    8. Parents’ training is very important for dogs to form good character and habits. For example, a dog always barks maliciously because the parents are not well disciplined. We have to train dogs to adapt to our human society.
    9. Parents should pay more attention when feeding the dog. The dog’s intestines and stomach are very fragile. If the parents do not feed the dog properly or make him eat too much, it may lead to his illness.

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