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    It is very important for dogs to have a healthy tooth in their daily life. Because the dog’s teeth need to be used in normal eating or some specific training, if there is a problem with the teeth, it will bring great inconvenience to the dog’s life. It can be seen that it is very necessary to do a good job in oral cleaning and care of dogs to ensure the health of teeth. So how to take good care of the dog’s mouth and keep its teeth healthy is what we should pay attention to.

    Many dogs will continue to have some dental diseases after they are three years old. The occurrence of these diseases is closely related to the feeding and nursing of the owners. Some owners like to feed their dogs some meat or their own food, which can easily lead to food residues left in the teeth of dogs. In addition, if we don’t pay attention to oral cleaning work and don’t care for it for a long time, the food will be rotted and smelly in the teeth, resulting in the dog’s bad breath, gum infection, tooth corrosion and other problems.

    Therefore, in order to ensure the dog’s oral health, we must first choose the right food to feed. In general, dog food is the best choice. Try to reduce the number of times of feeding meat. Secondly, oral cleaning is particularly important. On average, every two weeks, we should do oral cleaning for dogs. We can choose a special toothbrush for dogs. It is also necessary to go to the hospital regularly for oral examination. Usually, we should also prepare some toys for grinding teeth, which can not only grind teeth but also clean them.

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