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    There are also oral problems in pet dogs. If you don’t pay attention to oral care in your life, your dog’s mouth will produce peculiar smell, which will cause gingivitis and other oral diseases. No matter what kind of pet dog you keep, you should pay attention to the care of your teeth. The following are some methods of dental care and the problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of Raising Great Dane.

    The most basic and simple way to care for the teeth of the Great Dane is to brush the teeth. In the early childhood, the master should start to train the dog to brush his teeth, and train the dog to develop the habit of brushing his teeth. When you first brush your teeth, your dog will instinctively reject you. Therefore, in the early stage of training, parents can use some soft gauze, wrap it around their fingers, then dip it in water (light salt water is also OK), gently wipe the teeth and gums of the Great Dane, and help it clean the oral health. After the dachund receives brushing, you can slowly try to use a professional pet toothbrush and toothpaste to brush the dachund’s teeth. Of course, the way to brush your teeth is the same, and parents don’t have to worry about it. To care for the dog’s teeth, we need to pay attention to that: first, we should stick to brushing the dog’s teeth. We can’t brush it every day for a while, and then we don’t care for it for a long time.

    Generally speaking, every week, you should brush your teeth for 2-3 times, and you must do so. Secondly, if the living conditions allow, it is better to take the Great Dane to see the dentist once or twice a year to wash teeth professionally, remove the tartar in the mouth, keep the mouth clean and prevent various oral diseases. In addition, we should take full care of the Dandan dog’s teeth, in addition to brushing and washing. It’s also necessary to prepare some bone and glue for it. These things not only clean the calculus, but also exercise the dog’s bite ability.

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