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    Many dogs who regularly walk their dogs every day, are good at holding their urine. They have formed the habit of going to the outdoor to defecate. However, some puppies do not excrete when they are just training outdoor to defecate, and pull randomly when they go home. How can dogs know that you want them to defecate outdoors?

    First of all, as a parent, you should clearly understand your dog’s excretion signals. If the dog sniffs and sniffs on the ground, turn around, and then walk around for half a day as if he wanted to choose a place. I’ll take a shit position. This means that the dog needs to excrete. However, if the dog has only these actions but does not dare to excrete, the owner should lead the dog to a fixed dog toilet, and then encourage it to excrete.

    Second, make sure you can walk your dog a fixed number of times a day! It’s not your whim, and no matter it’s windy or rainy), because dogs who develop outdoor defecation, if they don’t go out suddenly, they will hold their urine for a long time, which will cause dog disease. If you can’t make sure you walk your dog in time every day, it’s best to prepare a fixed dog toilet for your dog at home. However, it’s convenient to train your dog to go to the dog toilet. This dog toilet can be made of several newspapers, a urine pad or an old cardboard box. After the dog toilet is ready, start to train the dog to excrete in the fixed toilet.

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