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    Many owners are envious to see the dog in other’s house can pick up the items freely under the owner’s training. In fact, it’s not difficult to train the dog to pick up the items. The intelligence and intelligence of the dog is needless to say, but it’s very common to human nature, which makes us love it. As long as the owner is more patient and uses the right method, the dog’s pick-up training will be completed It’s twice the result with half the effort.

    1. You need to find out what dogs like best, such as some dogs like to eat, some like toys, and find their favorite, so as to stimulate their behavior most effectively.

    2. Then, prepare a rope or something that is easy to bite and let them hold it. As long as they do this, they will be rewarded within three seconds.

    3. Reward is his favorite food or toy. Practice repeatedly every day to make the dog understand that they will be rewarded after they make the action of holding. After that, change the holding slowly and cooperate with the command, such as “holding” or “holding”, so as to facilitate the dog’s memory.

    4. When the dog returns to the owner, the owner should touch the dog’s back, reward its obedience and praise the dog. Put your hand on your dog’s jaw to prevent it from spitting.

    5. When the dog understands the meaning of holding, slowly teach him the name of some daily necessities, cooperate with the password, and train every day, the dog will help you to take anything like Bentley. Of course, remember to give rewards, not to cheat, so that dogs can trust you more, while maintaining their excitement.

    Precautions for training dogs to pick up objects:
    1. If dogs are unwilling to pick up objects, the owner can use the toy with sound to guide the dogs to increase the playfulness of training. Use the leash to control the dog to roll the toy to the object, and live in to increase the distance of rolling the toy.

    2. Do not want to bite the object if the dog runs to the object, but hesitates about the object, because the dog is not skilled in the method of grasping the object. At this time, you can add the subject of training dogs to “bite”.

    3. Don’t want to return. If the dog catches the object and doesn’t obey the command, return to the owner, then conduct “recall” training for the dog.

    4. Put down the items. If the dog picks up the items and spits them out when returning, the dog should strengthen the “holding” training until he is fully familiar with them. In fact, dogs are just like children. When owners train dogs to hold things, they should be more patient. When dogs are angry, they should be coaxed and given proper snack rewards. It will be much easier to train. It is worth noting that dogs must not be scolded during training, which will make them afraid and affect the later training of holding things.

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