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    It is normal behavior that puppy biting and grabbing with their mouths.
    1. Establish Prestige: No matter what content you train your dog, the first thing is to establish good prestige in front of your puppy. And make sure you are principled while training. Avoiding pampering
    2. Correct Way of Playing: When interacting with your dog, you can use some toys to stop it immediately when it makes a bite, letting your dog know that this is the wrong way.
    3. The Taste of Biting: Once your dog starts to bite, you can apply or spray some non-toxic, bitter taste at the place where it likes to bite. When the dog bites you again, it will know that the human taste is difficult to “eat”
    4. Punishment: If you find that your dog has bitten, you should stop it immediately, and then punish it.
    5. Your Reaction to Being Bitten: Each time your puppy touches you with its teeth, you can make exaggerated painful actions, say “OUCH!” in a harsh tone of voice and crying. This will probably not stop the puppy from mouthing, but over time and time it should result in softer and gentler puppy biting. And someday your dog will stop biting.
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