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    The civilized dining etiquette of dog training is a big topic in primary school. In fact, we can often see how the dog’s tutor is from the dog’s habits. After all, if there is no good obedience, we can’t train.

    1. Training purpose: Cultivate obedience, establish the status of master, and let the dog who likes to eat know how to control the food. Let dogs develop a good habit of not being picky about food and eating regularly and quantitatively every day.

    2. Training time: Eating habits must be developed from a young age. When the dog arrives at home, he will start training on the first day.

    3. Key points of dining training: Let the dog eat in a fixed place, and eat in a certain time. After that, no matter whether it has finished eating or not, it must be taken away.

    4. Preparation before eating and training:
    before training, let the dog learn to sit down and understand the “no” command. If it’s a puppy, you can take this opportunity to educate and let it learn to sit down by the way. The puppy has no resistance to food and is easy to control.

    5. Dining training steps: Prepare the food, use the food to attract the dog’s attention, and then let the dog sit down. If the dog pours on the food, the owner should stop it and make it stable in front of the food. When the dog is sitting obediently and won’t rush to eat food, let him wait for 10 seconds, then he can give out the “eat” command, and push the bowl to guide him to eat. Don’t let dogs wait too long at first. Gradually increase the waiting time to avoid losing patience.

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