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    Yorkshire is a smart dog, so as long as they are properly trained, they can complete many actions. In order to train the dog, the owners tried all kinds of ways, but many owners in the process of training the dog, but ignored some things that should have been paid attention to, which led to the occurrence of accidents. In order to avoid accidents, the owner should pay attention to the following points when training Yorkshire:

    1. Food reward should be careful. Yorkshire is a small dog. If the dog has been rewarded with snacks, the dog may suffer from stomach accumulation due to eating too much. In fact, the owner does not need to use snacks as a stimulus. When the dog finishes the easier training, give them a “love touch” or play a game. If the dog has completed a more complex training, the owner can give a little snack as a reward, but the supply of snacks must be controlled.

    2. The training time should not be too long. Too long training time will make dogs feel tired, their patience will be slowly dissipated, and the training effect will only get worse and worse. In addition, small dogs such as Yorkshire can suffer from physical exhaustion after a long period of exercise if training requires extensive exercise. Some dogs may also have convulsions due to the inability of the heart to carry a lot of pressure.

    3. Training needs to be done step by step. In order for dogs to learn the skills taught by their owners faster and better, their training should be from simple to difficult. Some owners also ask their dogs to learn this skill when they see that dogs on the Internet will “fall to the ground and pretend to die”. But have you ever thought that dogs may not even learn the most basic skills of sitting and lying down

    4. Keep repeating. Even if the dog has completed the training at the moment, the conditioned reflex they have formed will gradually disappear if they do not repeat and consolidate. In order to avoid this situation, the owner should keep the dog repeating the training he has learned.

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