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    Don’t let dogs rely too much on their own dogs that will have separation anxiety. They are usually more clingy to their owners. Because they rely on their owners, they will feel uneasy when they find their owners are not present. Generally speaking, dogs express uneasiness by barking, biting, grabbing at the door or the wall, urinating, etc., so many owners will find a mess when they come home.
    Separation anxiety has a lot to do with the dog’s character and the way of feeding. Dependence is not good for us or dogs. If dogs stick to us all the time, it is bad for our actions. Some owners are soft hearted. They are sad to hear the dog barking, so they stop to play with the dog for a while. Or just want to walk to hear the dog call and come back, this will bring a lot of inconvenience to themselves.
    The only way to improve this problem is to train slowly at ordinary times and let the dog get used to being alone at home. Although getting along with dogs can shorten the distance between us, it’s not a good way to stay with dogs all the time. Try not to be with the dog for a long time to avoid the dog being too dependent on himself.
    Let the dog learn to be independent. If the dog barks at himself due to coquetry, try not to pay attention to it. Otherwise, they will often use this way to attract their attention in the future, especially in the evening when it is easy to quarrel with their neighbors, so there will be disputes.
    As for dogs’ behavior of picking walls and doors, it may also be related to their excessive instruction, so don’t forget to clean their nails regularly. If this problem still occurs after fingernails are fried, it is necessary to criticize education in time. Stop and criticize the dog as soon as it finds out. To make the dog get used to the time when he is not at home, he can go out deliberately. At first, he should not go out for too long, nor should he pay attention to the noise of the dog, so as to make the dog quiet. Then gradually increase the time to leave. If it doesn’t work, it is recommended to send it to a special training center to improve the problem.

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