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    How to deal with the inflamed and festering wounds of dogs? Many owners of dogs have such concerns. Following will show you details information about it.
    Generally speaking, when the dog’s wound is inflamed and festering, you can try to buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound thoroughly for the dog, and you must clean the festering part of the dog’s wound as much as possible. Then you can buy a package of anti-inflammatory powder or aureomycin ointment to help spread it on the dog’s wound, so that the wound can be closed as soon as possible under the anti-inflammatory medicine. If the wound of a pet dog is small, it is generally unnecessary to bandage it, but it must be prevented from being licked by the dog’s tongue, so it is still necessary to put an Elizabethan ring on the dog and prevent the dog’s wound from touching other places.
    In addition, if the dog’s wound is serious, it must be bandaged. Note: if the dog’s wound is seriously inflamed and suppurated, and the dog may have bacterial infection and fever, please send it to the pet hospital in time. Do not delay the treatment time.

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