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    Now the novel coronavirus pneumonia is all jittery. Everyone is very careful when they go out, for fear that they will be infected. After all, illness is not a small thing. As a human being, he is afraid of viruses. As a dog, he also has viruses that he is afraid of. For example, parvovirus makes a lot of dogs suffer from torture. So how to treat dogs after they get parvovirus?

    The core of treatment. Although there are some differences in the treatment plan of pet parvovirus in various hospitals, the basic principles of the treatment are the same, which are to fight against the virus by enhancing the immunity of the sick dog, and pay attention to stop bleeding, vomiting and dehydration of the dog. Generally speaking, as long as we stick to it for a week, the situation of the dog will gradually improve , the parvovirus will gradually disappear.

    Rehydration therapy: Dehydration is a very serious problem for sick dogs. After suffering from parvovirus, many dogs suffer from excessive fluid loss in varying degrees. Once such a situation occurs, the first thing we need to do is to immediately replenish a lot of fluids for dogs. In this process, if we find that the protein of dogs is relatively low In addition, it is necessary to supplement the protein to dogs in time.

    Antibiotic injection: Just like dogs suffering from canine distemper, when they get parvovirus, we will also give them antibiotics, which can be injected or taken. The purpose of antibiotics is mainly to prevent the subsequent bacteria from continuing to infect, which is very unfavorable for the recovery of dogs. In addition, sometimes injecting McAb or interferon into dogs can also achieve good results, play a role in neutralizing the virus, and control the recurrence of the virus.

    People who often feed dogs with insect repellents know that they need to be treated regularly. If the owners don’t treat them normally, they may not respond very much. However, after the dogs are infected with parvovirus, the presence of parasites may hinder the treatment of dog virus, which will affect the treatment effect of dogs. Therefore, this time You need to take insect repellents in time to avoid such a situation.

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