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    More and more people keep Teddy. Nowadays, people keep dogs almost because they like or are bored, but they often ignore the feeling that dogs are alone at home. For office workers or people who often travel on business, they seldom have time to accompany their dogs. At this time, dogs are prone to separation anxiety.

    Teddy’s separation anxiety is also called separation anxiety. The symptom is: if you don’t see the owner, Teddy’s dog becomes manic and uncontrollable. If Teddy dogs do this for a long time, they will get gastroenteritis easily. In severe cases, they will cause sudden dehydration and even death.

    In theory, if you can stay with teddy all the time, of course, it’s OK. But the life span of Teddy is usually more than ten years. In such a long time, it is inevitable that you will be separated from the dog due to some things, such as business trip, travel, disease, etc. So how should you correct the dog? How to avoid Teddy’s “separation anxiety”?

    1. Take the Teddy puppy home, and when it is quietly familiar with the environment, try to let others hug and touch the puppy or communicate with it as much as possible. Then, we need to make Teddy contact with people and other dogs and cats at the same time. Don’t hold little teddy tight all the time.

    2.3 months later, if you take your little teddy dog out step by step, you should pay attention to let the Teddy dog contact more with the people you meet. This continues until the Teddy grows up – trying to get him in touch with people.

    3. In addition, if the dog is still prone to panic, you can invite a few more friends to talk to him in a whisper and touch him gently. He will feel at ease and warm. With a period of exercise like this, Teddy can gradually learn and accept that you are not at home for a long time.

    4. If none of the above is good, you can take a day off, go out and come in every few minutes, and then go out and come in again, and slowly increase the time outside, so that Teddy dog can gradually adapt to the situation that the owner leaves home.

    In a word, no matter how you do it, you should first consider Teddy’s health. His body is the capital of revolution. When he is away from home for a long time on business, travel and so on, he can think of putting it in the pet shop or his relatives and friends.

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