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    Pomeranian nails are beautiful in appearance and light in color. So how can we trim the nails of Pomeranian? What tools do Pomeranian need to trim the nails?

    Pomeranian care:
    Pomeranian’s toenails are translucent, and the red blood vessels can be seen through the light. When cutting toenails, do not cut the blood vessels. Generally speaking, the main tools we use to trim our toenails are nail clippers, files and so on. When pruning a Pomeranian’s nails, parents should pay attention to its emotions. Parents should try their best to link the dog’s nervous and fearful emotions so that it can become quiet and gentle before pruning its toenails. When trimming, parents can hold Pomeranian’s foot with one hand, carefully confirm the cut part of toenail, and quickly cut the toenail. Then, use a file to round your toenails.
    If the parents are not familiar with or for the first time to trim the toenails, then the owner can gradually cut the toenails, which will be safer and not easy to hurt the Pomeranian dog. If the parents accidentally cut the dog’s meat, leading to serious problems, the owner should first check the dog’s wounds, then carry out disinfection and sterilization, and bandage the dog to stop bleeding. If the shear injury is serious, go to the pet hospital to disinfect and bind the pet dog professionally. It should be noted that the bottom of the feet of the Pomeranian is covered with long and thick hair, which is easier to sweat, precipitate bacterial dirt, and tangle together. Therefore, parents must timely and regularly prune their toenails for Pomeranians. Finally, I would like to remind you that, generally speaking, every two weeks or so, parents should check the toenail growth of the Pomeranian, and then continue the necessary pruning.

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