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    A beagle is a short haired dog with a short, dense body. Many parents mistakenly think that such a dog does not need regular hair pruning, but in fact it is not so. For short haired dogs such as beagles, they also need to trim their hair regularly, especially in the hot summer, and their toenails and abdomen hair must be trimmed regularly. So, how should beagles trim their hair?

    Dog’s body structure is different from that of human and other animals. There are no sweat glands on its body. Its sweat glands are mainly in the toes. In the hot summer, you can trim the hair on the toenails of beagle dogs in time, which can help the dog cool down and avoid heat stroke. (we can trim the Beagle, but we don’t recommend shaving it.) Because the Beagle’s hair is relatively short, the scissors used to trim the hair of long haired dogs are not suitable for beagles. Parents should buy scissors or shovers specially for cutting the hair of short haired dogs. Of course, the toenail is special, and the hair here should be prepared with a proper pair of scissors for cutting.

    Before you trim a beagle, you should brush it with a brush. After brushing, you can start to trim the Beagle. When trimming the hair on the toenail, be careful. Use scissors to trim the hair slowly and thoroughly. At the same time, avoid stabbing the dog’s toes. When trimming the Beagle’s abdominal hair, be sure to keep its body stable and not allow the dog to move around. Be careful when trimming, move quickly and stably, and do not stab the dog’s skin.

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