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    The oral care of dogs should be paid attention to from an early age. Brushing their teeth regularly is a main way to keep their cavity clean. The props used are toothbrush and dog toothpaste. If the dog refuses to use the toothbrush, he can go back to the next place and find a special cloth to clean the dog’s teeth. Prepare a suitable toothbrush, of course, in addition to toothbrush, you will find that finger brush is also very helpful. The brush can cover your fingers, giving you better control of direction, and it can also protect your dog from accidentally biting your fingers. In addition, it is to use the toothpaste for dogs. It is also to apply the toothpaste on the toothbrush, and then wipe it up and down.
    Because the dog toothpaste is specially designed for dogs, so in consideration of the problem of swallowing by mistake, there is no need to worry about the problem caused by the dog swallowing by mistake, because the dog toothpaste is edible. Choose a good time to brush teeth, can be carried out after the dog exercise, so the dog does not have much energy to sing the opposite tune with us again.
    Another is the frequency of brushing. At the beginning, in order to make the dog adapt to brushing, you can try every day. This will speed up the dog’s acclimation and ensure a clean mouth. If you can’t brush your dog’s teeth every day, brush at least once or twice a week. Small dogs should pay more attention to oral cleaning. If there are more and more serious dental calculus, it will lead to loose teeth or even fall off by itself. So don’t ignore the work.

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