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    When shaving, don’t be too close to the skin. Generally speaking, cats don’t need to shave very much, so in most cases, dogs need to shave. Because of the dog’s large amount of exercise, a long coat in summer will increase its fever. So many owners shave their dogs in summer. In fact, as long as we master the method, we don’t need to take the dog to the pet shop to shave. We can also operate it by ourselves, but before we operate it, we need to know how to use the Pet shaver.
    One of the first things we should pay attention to when using a pet shaver is that it should not be too close to the skin when shaving. Because the razor itself is relatively sharp, and the dog’s coat is longer, it is easy to cut the skin if it is shaved directly against the skin. So start at a distance from your skin. It should also be noted that when shaving, it is better to turn off the shaver for a while after shaving. Because the shaver works all the time, there will be a problem of perm on the blade. If the shaver works continuously, the temperature of the blade will be higher. If the shaver accidentally touches the dog’s skin, it will make the dog feel pain and refuse to shave.
    When shaving, you should also pay attention to some operations, such as shaving from the back, which is safer and the dog will not resist too much. When shaving the abdomen, it’s better to find another person to straighten the dog’s body and curl up together to easily shave the skin. Also be careful not to shave your dog’s nipples. In addition, don’t forget to trim the hair around the anus and under the feet. After shaving, take a bath for the dog, dry it, and then trim it.

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