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    The more common shoulder strap type hauling rope can be said to be a necessary item for dogs, whether it is used to train dogs or take them for a walk. It’s just that the hauling rope seems simple, but there are still some ways to use it. Otherwise, improper use will make the dog feel uncomfortable, and even damage the dog’s health for a long time, so we should pay attention to some details of use.

    Generally, there are two kinds of hauling ropes, one is p-chain, the other is directly tied to the chest and back belt. For the latter, it is more common now because of its high security. As for the p-chain, it is a kind of hauling rope directly around the dog’s neck.
    The p-chain is usually used to pull the dog in the competition, so as to make the dog’s coat look more comfortable. According to the size of the dog’s body, there are some differences in the thickness of the p-chain. It’s called a p-chain because it’s shaped like a P. when we lead a dog, a section of the rope is put on the dog’s neck in a P-Shape. It’s on the right ear, not over the neck. As soon as we exert ourselves, the chain will be tightened, and the dog will follow the owner’s lead when it is tightened. When the rope is relaxed, the dog will naturally eliminate the discomfort. However, it should be noted that we usually use the P-shaped method to put on the leash when we lead the dog with the left hand. If we lead the dog with the right hand, we usually use the q-shaped method, and remember not to wear it backwards, otherwise the dog’s neck may be in a tight state all the time. There is also a certain emphasis on the holding method of the traction rope.
    First, one end of the rope sleeve of the traction rope should be put on the thumb of the left hand, and then use the ring finger of the little finger to press the rope on the thumb, and then turn the wrist of the rope to the right, the palm of the hand is down, and use the thumb and index finger to hold the traction rope. Next, turn it back to the starting position, repeat this several times until the length of the hauling rope is appropriate. The index finger and thumb always hold the rope, and finally five fingers close to hold the traction rope. Of course, the requirements of this kind of action are usually used in the competition. In normal times, the breeder can be more natural as long as he grasps the traction rope.

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