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    Nowadays, many older owners walk their dogs for a long time, so that they can get to know each other more, make friends or something, but they also need to master the degree of dog walking. Scientific breeding and dog walking are also one aspect!

    1. It is important to walk the dog every day. How long does it take to walk every day? It depends on what kind of dog you have. Generally speaking, it’s appropriate for small dogs to take a walk every day for about 20-30 minutes, while medium dogs only need to take a walk every day for about 30-40 minutes. If you have a big dog with a weight of more than 70-80 kg, it’s almost an hour a day.

    2. Don’t exercise a lot suddenly. Some owners have little time to take their dogs out from Monday to Friday because they are busy with their daily work. On Saturday or Sunday, or for reasons of guilt, they will take their dogs to climb mountains and Wade, and do a lot of exercise on weekends. In fact, exercise can’t be made up. Suddenly, a lot of exercise can easily make the dog’s body uncomfortable. If your dog is over the age of seven, it may also cause damage to the dog’s heart, spine, ligaments and joints.

    3. Don’t let dogs run with the car. Some owners are lazy and don’t like walking. But the dog is going to walk, what to do? Man is not only an animal with developed brain, but also an animal that can use tools. They will ride motorcycles, electric cars, pull the leash on the dog’s collar with one hand, control the direction of the car with the other hand, and let the dog follow the car. It seems that this is a good way, but actually it’s not good for dogs. After all, except for some special breeds of dogs, dogs are not interested in running, especially long-distance running. Otherwise, it’s better to call running dog instead of walking dog. Some elderly dogs are prone to heart damage if they exercise like this.

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