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    It’s better to take a good leash for dog walking to prevent the dog from losing and biting. It’s strange to see someone walking a beautiful dog before, but now with the continuous development of the pet industry, this phenomenon has become quite common. Whether it’s on the road or in the community, we can always see some people walking with their dogs. But if there is something we need to pay attention to when walking the dog in the community.

    What should we pay attention to?
    1. Most dogs are friendly. They like to be close to and play with people very much. Sometimes they “make friends” with people who are interested. This is a normal social behavior of animals. But if we are not familiar with dogs, such behaviors as fluttering are likely to be mistaken for dogs’ attacks, which will lead to tension and fear. Some people will even scream loudly and rush to defend. In the dog’s eyes, at this time, this kind of “defense” is like “attack”. It will immediately enter the state of preparing for attack. Because this may cause dogs to bite people, so when we meet dogs, first of all, do not appear too flustered.
    2. Stop barking in time. If you want to have a good neighborhood, it is necessary to stop barking. If the dog can be quiet, it should be praised to let it know when it will be trained and praised. Because a lot of people are disgusted with dogs barking, and even if they want to be close to dogs, they may be scared after hearing their barking. Training a dog’s calm character is important.
    3. Pay attention to the environment in the community. If a dog has defecated in a public place, the owner should use a bag or paper prepared in advance to wrap it up and throw it into the garbage can. It’s better not to leave any trace. If there is a public toilet for dogs in the community, dogs can be trained to use it. If you just ignore it, it’s easy to cause other people’s antipathy, which leads to conflicts.
    4. It is dog’s nature to let dogs play in a safe place. Like freedom and exercise. Sufficient exercise can make them relax, enjoy happiness and relieve loneliness, which is not only beneficial to their physical and mental health, but also cultivate a good character. You can choose an open and pedestrian free place for them to run and play with their partners. If there is a dog walking area in the community, and there is a closed fence around to prevent the dog from running out of the circle, it would be great. If not, the owner must take good care of the dog to prevent it from hurting and scaring people. In fact, other people’s attitude towards dogs has a lot to do with the owner’s domestication. A well-trained dog plus a well-educated owner will naturally make people feel good about it. A good owner will also reduce a lot of pressure on the dog’s life.

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