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    The dog’s ears are relatively open, easy to get in some dirty things, plus the dog’s ears also have a lot of hair, greatly improving the possibility of hiding dirt. So, how can we clean the dog’s ears?

    1. Remove ear hair.

    2. Pour a large amount of ear washing water into the ear canal so that the dog’s head is tilted to the opposite side, so that more ear washing water can be poured. When the ear washing water is about to overflow, buckle the ear canal with the auricle. The same method is used for the contralateral ear canal.

    3. After massaging the ear canal for a few seconds, release the dog and let it shake its head to remove the mixture of earwax and ear washing water. Wipe off the dirt on the auricle with a paper towel to complete the ear washing.

    4. If you need to use drugs to treat ear diseases, you should use them 30 minutes after ear washing. Note: the purpose of pet ear washing water is mainly to dissolve earwax, reduce excessive proliferation of microorganisms, and ensure good ventilation of ear canal. If the ear canal is normal at ordinary times, you can wash your ears once a week at most. If the ear canal is inflamed, you should first go to the hospital to make a diagnosis. In case of otitis media, please use common ear washing water carefully to avoid ototoxicity.

    Dog ears do not pay attention to cleaning, easy to breed bacteria induced inflammation, which will seriously affect the dog’s hearing, can not be ignored.

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