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    For dogs, the nose may be one of the most important organs in their whole body to identify their identity by smelling each other. Because the dog’s vision and smell are not very good, so most of the time, dogs rely on “smell” to judge the taste of food and identify the way. It’s needless to say how sensitive dogs smell. Their smell is more than 1000 times that of people, so they can smell by their nose even if it’s quite different. For this reason, dogs can rely on their noses to finish a lot of things.
    The case of anti drug dogs is not only interesting, but also shows how good a dog’s sensitive sense of smell is. It is also in this way that dogs can be trained to complete various tasks. The dog’s nose can distinguish about 2 million different odors, and it also has a very good discrimination ability. They can smell the odors they are looking for from many mixed odors. All kinds of animals have the same nose structure. There are many folds in the upper part of the nasal cavity. There is a layer of mucous membrane on the folds. There are many olfactory cells in the mucous membrane. When the mucus secreted from the mucous membrane often moistens these olfactory cells, the odorant molecules will be dissolved in the mucus and stimulate the olfactory cells. The olfactory cells will immediately send signals to the olfactory center of the brain, so There is a sense of “taste”. The reason why the dog’s smell is so excellent is that there are so many olfactory cells, even in the nose part, there are many protuberances, and there are mucous membrane tissues, which can often secrete mucus to moisten the olfactory cells, so as to keep them highly sensitive. The number and quality of olfactory cells in dogs are better than that of other animals, so the ability to distinguish various kinds of odors is much better than that of other animals. It is precisely because of its sensitive sense of smell that dogs are trained to be used in various occasions, such as post disaster search and rescue, anti drug investigation, hazardous substances security inspection, etc.
    Search and rescue dogs usually rely on their noses to identify each other and look for signs they have made along the way to determine which way to go. And it’s said that dogs can judge a person’s mood through smell, so as to respond. There are also many examples of dogs being able to smell people’s bodies for certain lesions to alert patients. So there is also the position of dog doctor, but the accuracy of disease judgment is not particularly high, and there are times when it is not accurate, so many people are skeptical that dogs can smell diseases. Dog’s smell is very important for them. If a dog’s smell has problems, the inconvenience to their life is unimaginable, so we should protect it. Usually do not take some irritating smell of gas to stimulate dogs, and dogs when they do not want to spray perfume and other strong smell of liquid, indoor ventilation, so as not to dust too much.

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