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    Husky is different from other dogs in that he has poor gastrointestinal function, does not digest many foods, and is prone to diarrhea. At this time, the owner should be careful not to give her anything to eat, and pay more attention to the diet.

    Husky’s gastrointestinal function is relatively unique, and the requirements for protein and fat are relatively high, so it is recommended to feed puppy food to dog food after 18 months of age. At ordinary times, some fish or meat of cattle and sheep can be supplemented properly to promote development, and the requirements for calcium are relatively high. It is very necessary for husky to take calcium tablets or calcium powder several times a week.

    For the brand of dog food, as Husky’s gastrointestinal function is quite different, it’s better to depend on the dog, try to find some high-quality dog food with high protein and fat content. If there is no condition, you can add some chicken, mutton, beef, pork or sea fish to the dog food to supplement some protein.

    Finally: the best time to add probiotic powder in the diet can regulate Husky’s stomach.

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