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    Greyhound is not often seen in ordinary pet dogs, so many people know little about it. Today, I will show you its true face.

    English Name: Greyhound body weight: (male) 65-70 pounds (female) 60-65 pounds big and small: (male) 71-76cm (female) 68-71cm origin: Middle East region

    Introduction to dog breeds: Since ancient times, hare is the pursuit competitor of greyhound. Now in order to train, artificial machine is rabbit, let it do the pursuit activities. This kind of dog is the champion of the track field, with an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour. It used to be used for hunting rabbits. Later, in dog racing in some countries, Greyhound is the main player. The dog used to hunt hare is very obedient to the owner, very pleasant and elegant. With a sense of speed, smart look deep charm.

    Greyhound is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. It’s a purebred dog. Its shape hasn’t changed since ancient times. The first visual hunting dog trained to use vision to track prey is the fastest dog in the world, with a speed of 64 kilometers per hour. However, this dog prototype is not very delicate, but it is also suitable to be a family dog. It originated in Greece, Turkey and other Mediterranean areas around 500 BC, and extended to southern Europe in the middle ages. The remains of this kind of dog have also been found in the ruins of Pompeii. In the coffins of ancient Egypt, the mummies of dogs with similar images have also been found. Greyhound and small Italian Greyhound were widely loved by people, especially aristocrats in medieval Europe, and were raised for playing with dogs. As a matter of fact, the head figures usually used in the medallion are Greyhound, which can be found in the helmets of the French royal family and Henry VIII of England.

    Standard: Greyhound’s head is long and narrow, the ears are wide, the stop can hardly be detected, the sinuses are very small or not, the muzzle has enough length, powerful but not rough. The teeth are very strong and flat in front. The ears of Greyhound are small and fine in texture. Except when excited, the ears are backward and wrinkled. When excited, the ears are half vertical.

    Greyhound eyes are dark, cheerful, intelligent eyes, showing enthusiasm. Greyhound’s neck is longer, muscular, no fat, slightly arched, gradually widened and integrated into the shoulder. The position of the scapula of the Greyhound should be inclined as much as possible, muscular and not resistant to the shoulder. The front leg of the Greyhound is straight and perfect. It is well combined with the shoulder blade. It does not bend inward or turn outward. It has strong rubber bone. The chest of a Greyhound is deep, and its width is commensurate with its speed, and its ribs are well expanded.

    Greyhound’s back is muscular and broad. Greyhound’s waist is muscular, deep enough, with beautiful round arch and clear waist line. The hindquarters of greyhounds are long, muscular, powerful, broad, with low and moderately sloping knees. The hock angle is appropriate, close to the ground, wide, but straight from the beginning to the end.

    Greyhound feet are strong and compact, closer to rabbit feet than cat feet, with healthy knuckles and strong claws. Greyhound’s tail is long, delicate, with a slightly thin tip and a slightly upward curve. The coat of Greyhound is short, smooth and firm.

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