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    St. Bernard can’t speak, but the normal communication between dogs is no problem. St. Bernard can communicate by barking, body language or expression. Saint Bernard’s expression is very rich, and different expressions and expressions can represent different meanings. Let’s reveal the meaning of St. Bernard’s expression, so that parents can understand their dogs better.

    Generally speaking, the dog’s expression is not a single occurrence. When the expression is rich, the dog’s voice and body language will also change. For example, when the St. Bernard dog is in danger and feels nervous and scared, his eyes will be full of fear, his eyes will be bulging and his body will move around constantly. At the same time, he will bark loudly, showing a gesture of panic and wanting to escape. The eyes are also the window to reveal the inner world of St. Bernard. As the saying goes, “the eye is the window of the soul”, the joy, anger and sorrow of the pet dog will be displayed in the body.

    Of course, the expression of different mood is naturally different. When the St. Bernard is happy, happy, happy and relaxed, its eyes will be clear and bright, the whole body will be relaxed, and its tail will also be relaxed and down; on the contrary, when the St. Bernard is confronted with enemies, nervous, scared and frightened, its eyes will grow up, eyes will be fixed on each other, and its tail will be raised high, mouth will grow, and the hair of the whole body may be raised Come; when the St. Bernard is about to attack, his face will become fierce and ferocious, his eyes will be wide, his mouth will be big, his front body will be lowered, his tail will be raised high, and he will be ready to attack the enemy at any time.

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