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    Maltese dog is developed from the Maltese Island. It has a history of about 3000 years. In many ancient arts, crafts and paintings, the Maltese dog was often painted with the upper class people, so the Houben dog has been valued in ancient times. The Maltese is not regarded as a house dog, but a noble dog held in the hands of the rich and the rich. It is loved by European people and even world-famous.

    Country of origin:
    The Mediterranean island of Maltese. Height: 20cm to 25cm. Weight: 1.8kg to 2.7kg. Under 3.2kg. Features: Black eyes and black nose are the main points with rich expressions. The tail is light and curled on the waist. The hair is long and the ears are very elegant. But if the whole body is long, the ears can not be seen from the appearance.

    Personality: although it is a small dog, it is calm, brave, loving to people, delicate and lively. Hair color and texture: The whole body is covered with pure white silky hair, growing along the body. However, in the general family feeding and care, if you can’t comb every day, it will make the hair knot. Therefore, it is suggested that you can make haircut for them every 6-8 weeks. In addition, if the weather is not too cold, the hairy Marcus doesn’t need to wear too much clothes, or the fur will easily knot.

    Feeding problems: The most common problem encountered by Marcus is tears and droppings. It’s better to know in advance whether it’s eye clearing or ears. If you have this problem, you need to cut the hair of the eye head short, rather than sticking it into the lacrimal gland. After taking a bath, you can buy Vaseline for your dog (it can be used by people) and apply it between your eyes and forehead to reduce the amount of hair.

    Daily Care: Maltese dog has a small amount of food, but he is interested in many foods and would like to taste them. Maltese’s long hair is the focus of care. If it is not often trimmed and washed, fine and soft long hair will easily entangle into hair balls, which will cause skin diseases. Therefore, there are often owners who trim it into short hair type to reduce troubles. But one of its advantages is that Marquis doesn’t shed hair very well and doesn’t change hair seasonally.

    The pure white long hair is the sign of Maltese, but it is also the most difficult place for the master of Marcus to take care of. We should try our best not to make the pure white shiny hair dirty, yellow and black, especially in the eyes and mouth.

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