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    Dog strength training, in our impression, the reason why fierce dogs are called fierce dogs is that they are more deterrent than ordinary dogs. Full of strength, muscles. But your so-called tall and powerful fierce dog was bullied by the wild dogs on the side of the road and ran around without even daring to bark. Is this still the fierce dog we remember? Maybe the comfortable environment has changed it. But as a pet owner, we should guide it and give full play to its strength. What are the methods of strength training for dogs?

    Dog strength training methods:
    1. Weight training. This kind of dog strength training generally has drag weight, weight-bearing running and so on. Generally, the dog is equipped with load-bearing items, mainly to stimulate the dog’s strength and increase physical strength, which can last longer in the fight without losing to the opponent. Strength and physical strength are also the basis of fighting. If the dog is not strong enough in fighting, it will be at a disadvantage soon. This fatal point must not be allowed to happen.
    2. Bounce training. This training is a kind of strength exercise to overcome one’s own weight. This kind of exercise is generally completed by guiding the dog to make an upward jump with the inducer at a high place. It is completed through the support jump of the far end of the limb, which is relatively a kind of local strength training, mainly to practice the strength of the hindlimb. The explosive force of the hindlimb can make it obtain great advantages in the battle.
    3. Resistance training. This training is applied to most muscle groups of the whole body. It is completed by using the resistance generated by the deformation of elastic objects such as springs and tendons. Moreover, this strength training has no requirements for the field and time. As long as the appropriate equipment can be found, it can be trained in any place basically.
    4. In order to make dogs overcome the environment, special environment training requires dogs to carry out the program in multiple different environments, which requires the venue. For example, training in the water and letting the dog swim are good for the dog’s endurance and body muscles, and can also overcome the fear of water. In addition, it can also be used in sand, grass, snow and other environments. This kind of exercise is a kind of comprehensive exercise to a great extent, and it is not just a kind of strength exercise.

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