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    King Charles Spaniel comes from his noble ancestors. In the paintings of the 15th-16th century, the dog always appeared with the children of the court. Ordinary people can’t afford this kind of dog that never works. Charles I, the knight, was very fond of this kind of dog, which gave him the name of King Charles Beagle. King Charles Hound is the favorite dog of the British royal family. It is very popular with Queen Mary of Scotland and King Charles I and Charles II.

    The dog is a variant of the charles long haired poodle, which was modified into a short muzzle dog, also known as carpet dog. The breed is slightly larger than the Charles long haired poodle, lively and sporty, with a gentlemanly expression on its face, and is loved by the British elite. In Britain, it is also popular among many people, second only to Yorkshire in popularity.

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